Every year, the London Indian Film Festival and its sister festival cities put together Europe’s largest South Asian Film Festival and the vibrancy of the program largely depends on the support of its committed, hardworking and fun volunteer team. 

We look forward to welcoming volunteers of all ages and backgrounds from around the world! Shortlisted volunteers will be allocated into various departments based on their skills, experiences and festival requirements. There is no short-selling the amount of work that goes into setting up a film festival, a lot of which was made much easier and a lot more fun thanks to our team of dedicated volunteers!

About the Festival 

London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) together with Birmingham Indian Film Festival and (BIFF) and Manchester Indian Film Festival (MIFF) and the Yorkshire Indian Film Festival (YoIFF) are Europe’s largest South Asian film festivals. Over the last 15 years we have garnered a reputation as the ‘Punk Rock of Indian Film festivals’, presenting a cutting-edge selection of the very best new independent cinema from South Asia and its worldwide diaspora. This offering includes dramatic features, documentaries, short films and Screen Talks by some of the region’s leading film-making talent.We are delighted to present one of the most diverse film offerings in the UK film calendar.

For this year’s festival we will be playing simultaneously in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Yorkshire. 

With the festival dates being as follows:  27th JUNE – 7th JUlY.

About the role

Volunteering for our festival is a great way to get valuable experience and exposure for those trying to break into the film industry. We offer a variety of positions and roles, which include guest liaison, marketing, ticketing, ushering, venue management, event technical support, pre-festival promotion and more.

You will support the Volunteer Manager and the team leaders in ensuring the smooth operation of the festival. Without our volunteers, this festival would not be able to take place! Volunteers can choose between different levels of commitment with flexible scheduling.

Who we are looking for

We would ideally like individuals who have some or all the following:

  • – Proactive, decisive and quick witted

  • – Fluency in English.

  • – Passion for the arts, films and audience engagement.

  • – Passion for South-Asian Culture.

  • – A team player focused on achieving collective goals.

  • – Comfortable being in a fast-paced, high-traffic environment, flexible and positive attitude.

  • – Previous experience in festival/venue/event management (not essential).

Roles & Responsibilities

  • – To support the delivery of the festival in your city, alongside the festival team by ushering guests to locations.

  • – To make sure all screenings run smoothly, the audience is satisfied, and forms are filled in.

  • – To attend the volunteer team briefing sessions and to feedback important information/suggestions that might improve the running of the festival and participant experience.

  • – To ensure all tasks you assigned are undertaken in a timely, professional and efficient manner in accordance with the festival programme schedule.

  • – To keep in timely and articulate communication with senior team members.

  • – To read the information packets provided concerning the programme, map, and key areas.

  • – To ensure that the festival is an inclusive and safe environment for all.

  • – To be an ambassador for the festival for participants.

You will be working with a very diverse group of people of all ages, this includes the Festival staff, volunteers, participating artists, performers, community members, local business, charities and various other organisations.

This role will be carried out within high traffic environments and may require multitasking. We want to support you to do well and to learn from the experience, and also to enjoy your time with us. We encourage you to communicate with your supervisor, the Volunteer Manager about your experience.

What you will gain as a volunteer

  • – In depth knowledge and experience of running a large scale international film festival

  • – In depth understanding of South-Asian Independent Culture and Films

  • – Networking with like-minded people and professionals that could lead to mutually beneficial relationships

  • – A chance to see new films ahead of their release date or films that won’t be widely released in cinemas

  • – Listen to Q&As and learn a lot about South-Asian cinema

  • – And most importantly having a lot of fun!

Other important information

  • – You must be available for a minimum of 2 days of volunteering, comprising three shifts of four hours each. This might differ a little in some locations and days.

  • – Full induction will be done to Volunteers in person and/or over Zoom.

  • – We cannot provide accommodation and all the positions are unpaid.

  • – LIFF is a safe and inclusive space for all, any Volunteer seen harassing or otherwise impeding on the sanctity of the environment we strive to create will be blacklisted from this and all future events related to the festival. 

  • – All volunteers must be aged 18 or older.

  • – We will be covering reasonable travel expenses, agreed beforehand, and will provide/ cover meals if shifts are longer than 4 hours or if the shifts are at lunch/dinner times. 

How to apply

Fill in the Online Application form before the deadline.

For any queries, feel free to can be sent to email us.

The closing date for this position is 26/05/2024