Enemy? | International Premiere

Director: Dinesh P. Bhonsle
Starring: Meenacshi Martins, Salil Naik, Antonio Crasto
Run time: 94 mins | Recommended Certificate: 12A
Language: Konkani with English subtitles | Year: 2015 | Country: India



In the midst of the festive season, a Goan Catholic family discovers that they have lost their property to the Government and their family honour is at stake. An Indian army captain and his mother are dismayed when corrupt civil servants and politicians gang up against them using the Enemy Property Act of 1968, enacted after the Indo-Pak war in 1965, to usurp their prime land. During their fight against the establishment they find that they are not alone in their struggle and there are several other Goan families who are going through the same crisis. As the tension and drama builds up, the captain finds himself pushed to the edge. The tense narrative also finds time to incorporate the vibrant colours and music of Goa while telling a chilling and compelling tale.


Dinesh P. Bhonsle