For The Love of a Man

Director: Rinku Kalsy
Starring: K. Hariharan, Uma Vangal, G. Mani.
Run time: 85 mins | Recommended Certificate: PG
Language: Tamil / English with English subtitles | Year: 2015 | Country: India / Netherlands

For The Love of a Man


Actor, Leader, Hero, God. For his fans, the superstar Rajinikanth is all of these. Men from various generations alter their lives, sell their belongings, and place fandom above their families in devotion to the iconic actor, a man who has inspired a fanatic cult following across the world ranging from India to Japan. This riveting documentary explores how fandom is expressed through enormous posters, elaborate public rituals, and the frenzied atmosphere inside theatres has deep social, political, and devotional foundations in South India. Fandom is about more than cinema – it is about brotherhood, identity, or even social aspiration. The film follows various stories – performers seeking a shot at fame by mimicking the star, families managing the consequences of the fans’ spending on movies, theatre owners worrying about fans running wild.

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Rinku Kalsy