Kanyaka Talkies (Virgin Talkies) | European Premiere

Director: K.R. Manoj
Starring: Murali Gopy, Lena Kumar, Indrans, Manianpilla Raju.
Run time: 115 mins | Recommended Certificate: 12A
Language: Malayalam with English subtitles | Year: 2013 | Country: India

Kanyaka Talkies

A gripping tale is woven around Kanyaka Talkies, a twenty-year-old movie theatre in a sleepy Kerala village, where the mainstay was the screening of softporn. The theatre owner moves away and leaves the theatre to the parish, which decides to convert it into a church. The priest who comes to the village to spread the word of the Lord is haunted by a woman’s voice. Whose voice is it? Is it the voice of the countless heroines from C grade movies, which were previously screened in the cinema? The priest is slowly driven crazy and suffers a crisis of faith. Adding to the mix is a woman who leads the double life of a home nurse and a porn star. The film deftly weaves themes of body, desire, guilt and forbidden pleasures into its racy and spellbinding narrative. Unmissable!


K.R. Manoj