New Brit-Asian Shorts


Support your local filmmaker! A showcase of exciting and diverse emerging British Asian filmmaking talent is presented, as part of LIFF’s highlight of British Asian focus. From award-winning dramas to insightful docs, we see a rarely presented slice of life of Asian Britain today. Expect a discussion with young filmmakers on stage.

London | Barbican
June 30, 2021 6:10 pm

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Alien Culture

Year: | Country: UK
Director: Iesh Thapper | Run time: 16 | Language: English

Southall 1979 with tensions running high, a young man thinks his brother is in trouble but the truth is far from what he imagined.


Year: | Country:
Director: Hussina Raja | Run time: 4 mins | Language: English

Short film dissecting representation of South Asians in film & TV.


Year: | Country:
Director: Samir Mallal | Run time: 12 mins | Language: English

A fostered little boy runs away from home to potentially dire consequences.


Year: | Country:
Director: Cary Rajinder Sawhney | Run time: 8 mins | Language: English

An orthadox Muslim woman living in London goes a quest to find the perfect food.

I Choose

Year: | Country:
Director: Tina Pastora | Run time: 12 mins | Language: English

A young woman battling inner conflict and cultural heritage, escapes to Wales with her two daughters.

Chariot Riders

Year: | Country:
Director: Kate Jessop | Run time: 5 mins | Language: English

A charming tale of a young boy’s feelings of love for his best friend, another boy.

Little Elephant

Year: | Country:
Director: Dir: Kate Jessop | Run time: 5 mins | Language: English

The estranged relationship between a father and his lesbian daughter, now a young mother, unfolds as both characters reflect upon their past memories and lost connections


Year: | Country:
Director: Chila Kumari Singh Burman & Susanne Dietz | Run time: 5 mins | Language: English

A short film exploring British Asian identity through the use of decorative symbols and jewelled body stickers.

Meow or Never

Year: | Country:
Director: Neeraja Raj | Run time: 10 mins | Language: English

Madcap animated musical about a cat astronaut travelling the galaxy for the meaning of life.