Brit-Asian Shorts Part 2


UK | 82 mins | Cert: 15

Support your local filmmaker! A chance to see the work of exciting and diverse emerging filmmakers from across the UK. From award-winning dramas to insightful docs, we see a rarely presented slice of life of Asian Britain today.

Expect a discussion with young filmmakers on stage

London | Barbican
June 26, 2022 3:00 pm

Director Q&A

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51 States

Year: | Country: UK
Director: Cass Virdee | Run time: 15 mins | Language: English

In an all to possible future, a Sikh wife and mother risks execution in the fight to be reunited with her family

Press Key 5

Year: | Country: UK
Director: Lipa Hussain | Run time: 10 mins | Language: English

When lockdown restrictions leave Ayesha unable to interpret in person, she must deliver life changing news over the phone everyday.

Catch a Butcher

Year: | Country: UK
Director: Cassiah Joski-Jethi | Run time: 13 mins | Language: English

In a 19th Century Indian maternity ward, a nurse’s first night on the job descends into terror when Anglo-Indian babies go missing


Year: | Country: UK
Director: Iqbal Mohammed | Run time: 12 mins | Language: English

Two young British Pakistani men reunite in their deprived Northern town only to realise they now live very different lives.

Boots on Ground

Year: | Country: UK
Director: Kiran Kaur Brar | Run time: 9 mins | Language: English

An autobiographical account of a second generation British South Asian women’s experiences with the police, racism and violence in London.

Kitchen Tales

Year: | Country: UK
Director: Jane Moriarty | Run time: 23 mins | Language: English

Newlywed Indian immigrants to the UK navigate 40 years of marriage through the food they make and the meals they share as their family grows and their love struggles to survive.