Satyajit Ray Short Film Competition 2022 Part 2


India, Canada, USA| 81 mins | Cert: 15

The festival’s annual Satyajit Ray Short Film Competition is a rare chance to see the works of talented and emerging filmmakers who are exploring themes of South Asian experience, that also in different ways reflect the humanist ideals of the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray. The winner will be announced on 3rd July.

Available online during the festival and in cinema

London | Rich Mix
June 29, 2022 8:30 pm

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Online (UK only) | LoveLIFFatHome
June 23, 2022 6:00 pm

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Year: | Country: India
Director: Hardik Sadhwani, Ritviq Joshi | Run time: 19 mins | Language: Hindi with English subtitles

Desperate and frustrated by the stale monotony of his life, a naive auto rickshaw driver decides to trade his peaceful existence for a chance to earn a quick buck.


Year: | Country: Canada
Director: Maya Bastian | Run time: 13 mins | Language: English, Tamil with English subtitles

Follows the fast paced and drug fuelled existence of a young Tamil- Canadian woman who encounters another version of herself as a paramilitary fighter for the Tamil Tigers

Astronaut and His Parrot

Year: | Country: India
Director: Arati Kadav | Run time: 15 mins | Language: Hindi with English subtitles

An accident causes a spaceship to explode and an astronaut tumbles out of it. He starts floating and falling in space and frantically tries to connect to someone but all he gets is a parrot.

Hide n Seek

Year: | Country: USA
Director: Anuka Sethi | Run time: 10 mins | Language: English

A Poetic exploration of a girl’s struggle to navigate the in between spaces of her multicultural identity


Year: | Country: India
Director: Devashish Makhija | Run time: 24 mins | Language: Hindi with English subtitles

Three small town friends, their reunion, a gorilla, a bull, the full moon, the kundalini, a tomato, and patriarchy-smashing mischief!