Toba Tek Singh | World Premiere

Director: Ketan Mehta
Starring: Pankaj Kapur, Vinay Pathak
Run time: 75 mins | Recommended Certificate: 12A
Language: Hindi / Punjabi with English subtitles | Year: 2016 | Country: India

Toba Tek Singh


Acclaimed director Ketan Mehta delivers this unforgettably moving and at times joyous version of Manto’s legendary story, produced by the Zeal for Unity project. Award-winning actor Pankaj Kapur gives a career defining performance as Bishen Singh, a Sikh inmate of a mental institution, who hasn’t slept for 15 years and always asks the same question “Where is Toba Tek Singh?”, the name of his home village. The new warden, played by Vinay Pathak, takes delight in Bishen and the other patients’ eccentricities. However, with the Partition of India and Pakistan it seems that the world outside is more insane than the folk inside, and the institution must give up all its Hindu and Sikh inmates. Singh is marched to the new border, but in which country is his beloved home?


Ketan Mehta