The Crow’s Egg (Kaakkaa Muttai)

Director: M. Manikandan
Starring: Ramesh, Vignesh , Iswarya Rajesh.
Run time: 99 mins | Recommended Certificate: U
Language: Tamil with English subtitles | Year: 2014 | Country: India

The Crow's Egg


This delightful family tale has echoes of Slumdog Millionaire. When a pizza parlour opens near their playground, two carefree slum boys are consumed by the desire to taste this new foreign dish. Realising that one pizza costs more than their family’s monthly income, they develop schemes to earn more money – inadvertently beginning an adventure that will involve the entire city, but money is one thing and entry into a middle class establishment is another. M. Makinkandan’s hopeful film avoids the usual emotionalism associated with depictions of poor children and instead takes us on a journey that is an insightful view of class aspiration in today’s big city India.


M. Manikandan