The Last Adieu | UK Premiere

Director: Shabnam Sukhdev
Run time: 90 mins | Recommended Certificate: 12A
Language: Hindi/English with English subtitles | Year: 2014 | Country: India

The Last Adieu


Using the documentary format Shabnam Sukhdev goes on an exploratory quest to connect with her father who passed away suddenly when she was just 14. On this journey she discovers that her celebrity filmmaker father partied hard with stars like the young Amitabh and won awards at Berlin Film Festival in the 1960s, but she also uncovers his private home life and the delicate balance between her father and mother’s relationship that she missed as a girl. These and many other insights help Shabnam and the audience more fully understand the complexity of her dad who was India’s greatest documentary filmmaker S.Sukdev.

The Bagri Foundation supports documentary films as a powerful medium to raise social awareness.


Shabnam Sukhdev