Sold | European Premiere

Director: Jeffrey D Brown
Starring: Gillian Anderson, Seema Biswas, David Arquette, Niyar Saikia, Tillotama Shome, Parambrata Chatterjee.
Run time: 97 mins | Recommended Certificate: 15
Language: English | Year: | Country: USA


Sold is a remarkable film based on Particia McCormick’s bestseller which tells the tale of Laxmi (Niyar Saikia), a young Nepali girl who lives an impoverished life with her parents in the Himalayas. One day a lady comes to visit offering to take Laxmi to work as a domestic servant in Kolkata. Laxmi’s father agrees and she is led down the mountain and soon ends up in Kolkata only to realise that she has been trafficked into a brothel. Laxmi makes a bid to escape. Her cries for help attract the attention of a US photographer (Gillian Anderson), who helps local agencies spearhead a dangerous mission to rescue her. Superbly scripted with powerful performances including by Seema Biswas and Tillotama Shome.


Jeffrey D Brown