Director: Nishil Sheth
Starring: Trimala Adhikari, Mittal Chouhan, Raghav Dutt, Imran Rasheed, Bhushan Vikas, Ravi Goswami
Run time: 75 mins | Recommended Certificate: PG
Language: Hindi with English Subtitles | Year: 2017 | Country: India

The former thief Dhaanu is heavily in financial debt, he returns to his Rajasthan village from the city to hide from a moneylender. His back against the wall, he decides to sell the prized family donkey, Bhasmasur, with whom his son, Tipu, shares a special bond. The trio set off by foot on a journey across the arid desert  towards the city. Along the way numerous events take place bringing the absent father and his son closer together. As they arrive in the city however their relationship is put to an unexpected test.


Nishil Sheth

Nishil Sheth, hails from Bangalore, India. He completed his engineering and moved to pursue cinema by studying Editing at Flash Frames Visuals, Bangalore. Soon after he completed his engineering, he pursued Direction at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. He has written, directed and edited short films and corporate videos. Bhasmasur is his first outing as a director for a feature film.

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